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White Mountain Creations was inspired by my love of the nature and my ability to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the North County in New Hampshire and around New England from the grand vistas to the minute blossoms with my camera. A friend, Janet Christenson, has an incredible gift with words and it is she who is the creator of all the greeting cards. Not only does she have this gift but she too has an eye for taking great photos. So together we enjoy capturing the uniqueness and beauty all around New England such as finding a bear in the backyard, fox pups in a stonewall, a butterfly on the top of a coneflower or a moose in the woods or in a wallow. Every day brings new delights and surprises and every day we are reminded of the beauty that surrounds us.

Our website is not only a gallery of our photos but a chance to share our line of greeting cards and specialty products like magnets and key chains with you. If you are looking for a unique wedding favor, a unique way to promote your business, or just want unique products with unique photos from New England just "CONTACT US".
We can customize the products for any occasion such as weddings, family reunions, or business promotion. If your a business and want to send Holiday Cards to your clients we can do that too. The possibilities are endless! For information on custom products please CONTACT US directly using the "CONTACT US" page.

We will wholesale our greeting cards, magnets and key chains, etc to any retail store. For information on buying wholesale please CONTACT US directly using the
"CONTACT US" page.

We are proud members of
New Hampshire Made whose mission “is to strengthen New Hampshire's state economy by increasing the awareness and demand for New Hampshire-made products and services and providing the support programs local businesses need to grow.”

The photos on this site are copyright ©White Mountain Creations. They may not be copied, reproduced or downloaded and saved digitally without the written permission of the photographers.
We hope you enjoy browsing through our photos. We enjoy taking them and sharing them.

Debbie & Janet